The Family Groove Review


This delightful book (part of the Wiblets Family) emphasizes the importance of saying the magic words “please” and “thank you”. The lesson is conveyed through the two central characters, Dudley and his mother, in this simple, yet imaginative story.

Dudley is not rude, though he is demanding, as most children can be; and through the narrative, his mother explains the reasons why it is so important to use the “magic words“.

Dudley comes to understand that using the words helps people to feel appreciated, a value that is explained beautifully by his mom.

Following is an excerpt from the book:

“Please and thank you are polite ways of showing someone that you appreciate something they have done for you.” “Most important is that these magic words show kindness to others and it sure does make me smile.”

Accompanied by some brightly colored and fun illustrations, your child is sure to love this book.  With a little reinforcement from family and friends they’ll be delighting you with their good manners and remembering to say their magic words more often!

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