The Wiblets-Demanding Dudley Review

Teaching Little Miracles

Such a wonder review Kristi from the Teaching Little Miracles Blog!

I was very excited to be contacted by Diana Rissett to do a book review over The Wiblets Demanding Dudley.

The Wiblets are loving monsters that were born from the imagination and heart of a mom who learned firsthand how to lovingly raise children to be polite and respectful.

The book that I received was Demanding Dudley. In the book Dudley is an impatient little monster who demands apple juice from his mother without using the “magic words.” His loving mom uses the chance to teach him that being polite and grateful is always the way to go.

Demanding Dudley by Deneen RenaeI love reading books to kids that help show good character. This book did exactly what I would want a book to do. First, the illustrations were very colorful and caught the attention of all the students. Second, it taught the students the concept of using manners saying please and thank you. Finally, it made the students laugh and they loved it and even asked if I would read it to them again. 🙂

I was really excited that after reading the book to the students, many of them started to use their “magic words” and referred back to Demanding Dudley and how they were going to remember their “magic words” just like he did in the book.

If you aren’t familiar with these books, please go and check them out because they are definitely good ones to have for your story time.

Have a great day!