Demanding Dudley

Demanding Dudley by Deneen Renae

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Dudley and his mother help children learn the importance of respect, appreciation and kindness in delightful and educational new picture book series.

When an impatient little monster demands apple juice from his mother without using the “Magic Words”, his loving mom uses the chance to teach the tyke that being polite and grateful is always the way to go in the newest book from The Wiblets series, which centers around a community of delightful, colorful and funny monsters.

What People are saying

I love that the lesson and illustrations are presented in way kids can relate with, being a ''Demanding Dudley" themselves sometimes. ~A Little Room 2 Grow
I struggle with this with my own child. Demanding Dudley was a perfect book to read with her.  He sounded just like her when she demands something from us. After reading this book a few times, she began using kind words to get what she wanted. ~Reading Toward the Stars
I love reading books to kids that help show good character. This book did exactly what I would want a book to do. ~Teaching Little Miracles
The Wiblets look like something you’d find on Sesame Street, and they pack the same educational punch while helping kids learn. ~Green Valley News