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Green Valley News review of Demanding Dudley

Wonderful review by Arizona Newspaper: Green Valley News & Sun on Demanding Dudley.

green-valley-news-logoHow many books have been written to try to teach kids manners? Here’s another, but it’s colorful, beautifully illustrated and to the point. Hey, this just might work.

The Wiblets series introduces us to Dudley, who DEMANDS a cup of apple juice from his mother, who’s the picture of wisdom. She uses the next several pages to remind him of the magic words — please and thank you — in down-to-earth language kids can get. There’s no substitute for consistency and patience, and mom has plenty of those, too.

The Wiblets look like something you’d find on Sesame Street, and they pack the same educational punch while helping kids learn.

— Dan Shearer

The Wiblets-Demanding Dudley Review

Teaching Little Miracles

Such a wonder review Kristi from the Teaching Little Miracles Blog!

I was very excited to be contacted by Diana Rissett to do a book review over The Wiblets Demanding Dudley.

The Wiblets are loving monsters that were born from the imagination and heart of a mom who learned firsthand how to lovingly raise children to be polite and respectful.

The book that I received was Demanding Dudley. In the book Dudley is an impatient little monster who demands apple juice from his mother without using the “magic words.” His loving mom uses the chance to teach him that being polite and grateful is always the way to go.

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A Little Room 2 Grow – The Wiblets

Wonderful review by the amazing A Little Room 2 Grow

demanding dudleySo I wanted to share our new additions in our home library. I love the theme of these books, they hold great life lessons within the colorful pages.

Zire is self reading now and “Demanding Dudley” has been a great way for him to connect to the good feelings that follow using our manners. I also love that the lesson and illustrations is presented in way he can relate with, being a ”Demanding Dudley” himself sometimes. Its been a helpful source to go back to when his demanding attitudes come out for show.

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