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Dudley is making waves all the way to Hawaii with another great review from the Hawaii Mom Blog!


We recently received a copy of The Wiblets: Demanding Dudley by Deneen Renae, illustrated by Lelsie Pinto.

Demanding DudleyAbout the story:
When an impatient little monster demands apple juice from his mother without using the “magic words,” his loving mom uses the chance to teach the tyke that being polite and grateful is always the way to go in the newest book from The Wiblets series, which centers around a community of delightful, colorful and funny monsters.

Demanding Dudley is such a cute story with a great lesson.

It really strikes close to home since often we have to remind our kids to say Continue reading

The Home School Mom



This comes from The Home School Mom Blog

“‘Dudley’ his mother replied softly and kindly, ‘Is someone being a Demanding Dudley?’”

Character training is a must. What good is a well-educated child who is a monster? Anything which helps my children better learn manners, character, and general etiquette is always a good resource, in my opinion.

Demanding Dudley is an adorable story about a fuzzy little guy who needs to learn his manners. Through Dudley’s interaction with his mother, we see how bad manners yield no results and good manners produce good things.

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Reading Toward The Stars ~ Demanding Dudley {The Wiblets}

Reading Toward the Stars

This week, I am reviewing a book that was perfect for my three year old little girl.  She may look sweet and innocent, but this is what I see a LOT, especially when she wants something.

Demanding Dudley

I was contacted at the perfect time to review Deneen Renae’s newest Wiblets book: Demanding Dudley: The Power of Using Your Magic Words

Right away, I knew it was perfect to read to Ginny Beth!

The Wiblets were created by Deneen Renae to help her son become polite and respectful.  These loving monsters help children work with their emotions.

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