My Kids Are Reading Demanding Dudley

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demanding dudleyMeet the Wibblets! These adorable monsters were inspired out of a need for an effective way to teach children how to manage their emotions. “In the case of Demanding Dudley, The Wiblets take on issues of thanklessness and impatience. Children will see the harmful effects of such negative behavior through the example of Dudley, a young Wiblet who forgets the value and importance of ‘using his magic words.’ Dudley and his mother discuss the hows and whys of self-control and gratitude, ultimately demonstrating in a positive light how kindness and patience can go a long way in making and granting requests. After reading and discussing the story of Dudley with their children, parents can make use of the positive trigger question, ‘Are you being a Demanding Dudley?’ in order to establish an immediate understanding with their child if and when the lessons taught by the book have been forgotten.”

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A Little Room 2 Grow – The Wiblets

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demanding dudleySo I wanted to share our new additions in our home library. I love the theme of these books, they hold great life lessons within the colorful pages.

Zire is self reading now and “Demanding Dudley” has been a great way for him to connect to the good feelings that follow using our manners. I also love that the lesson and illustrations is presented in way he can relate with, being a ”Demanding Dudley” himself sometimes. Its been a helpful source to go back to when his demanding attitudes come out for show.

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