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Have some demanding students?

I LOVE when picture books have a lesson.  Ok, am I kidding?  I love ALL picture books.  Well, most of them.  And for some reason, ahem, all the books I read I turn into a lesson.  I know, I know, Teacher April thinks like a teacher all.the.time.  Can’t help it.

So, when my daughter was being a little demanding, this book couldn’t have come at a better time: Demanding Dudley.  What?!  My daughter being demanding. Yes, and my son too.  This story was perfect.  It is about a little critter who is demanding and his mother’s persistence of guiding him to speak nicely.  The book gives examples of what it sounds like to hear a demanding critter, the use of magic words, and why it is important to appreciate other people by speaking to them with respect.  It was a SUPER CUTE story!  I highly recommend it.

Demanding Dudley

I now find the kids asking each other, “Are you being demanding?”  Trying to stay on top of these things is challenging and every little thing helps…especially books.  They can visualize the good behavior with Dudley.  Score!

In the classroom, it would be fun to create an anchor chart for words that show respect rather than demands.  You could also brainstorm a list of characters from other books (text-to-text) whom have been demanding at times.

I’m thinking about adding a few reminders of Dudley in our house. I think we’ll make some fuzzy characters that look like him. SO FUN!  If time allowed, I would do this in the classroom too!

Demanding Dudley

A big thank you to the author, Deneen Renae, for sending this to me.  I was not compensated for this post but was asked to give my honest opinion.  I LOVE it.

Please check out more books by Ms. Renae.  It looks like it is just the beginning of a fun series.  I am looking forward to THIS ONE coming out!

What do you do if kids are being a bit demanding?  Any other ideas?  I would love to hear them below in the comments.